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P26 Last

Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-six


last / lasted / lasted / lasting

The verb "last" is used to describe the length of time something or someone is active. We also use it to describe a period of time that a thing remains good or available.

1. Bill is wondering how long this meeting is going to last.
2. An orange will last for a short time after the peel is off. It dries out very quickly.
3. A frog won’t last very long away from water.
4. Many animals don’t last a long time when they are kept in captivity.
5. Their relationship has lasted for over 40 years.
6. It’s important to make your money last when you are on vacation.

7. Christianity has lasted for a very long time.

It has had a lasting impact on western civilization. (This sentence uses "lasting" as an adjective.)

Note: Another meaning for the word "last" is when it’s used as an adjective. In that case, it’s the opposite of the word "first."
present tense: last / lasts
past tense: lasted
future: will last
present continuous: am / are / is lasting
past continuous: was / were lasting
future continuous: will be lasting
present perfect: has / have lasted
past perfect: had lasted
future perfect: will have lasted
present perfect continuous: has / have been lasting
past perfect continuous: had been lasting
future perfect continuous: will have been lasting
modal verbs: ______ last
past tense modal: ______ have lasted
infinitive: to last
gerund: lasting
passive: no


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