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P4 Use

Purple Level

Lesson Four


use / used / used / using

The verb "use" describes what people do with objects. Teachers use "use" when talking about language and the reason for choosing certain words.


1. Make sure you use sun block or sunscreen when you go to the beach.

Using sunscreen will help protect your skin.

2. Many people use this bank because it’s convenient.
3. She uses a shopping basket instead of a cart because it’s easier to get around the store.
4. Strip malls use up a lot of land because they need big parking lots.
5. This young mother uses a stroller to push her baby around the park.

6. Many people use a garage to store their cars.

7. Do you know how to use this word in a sentence?


The verb "use" is important to know when talking about language. Click here to learn more.

Watch this video:


(Note: When "use" is a noun,

the pronunciation of the "s" is unvoiced.)

present tense: use / uses
past tense: used
future: will use
present continuous: am / are / is using
past continuous: was / were using
future continuous: will be using
present perfect: has / have used
past perfect: had used
future perfect: will have used
present perfect continuous: has / have been using
past perfect continuous: had been using
future perfect continuous: will have been using
modal verbs: ______ use
past tense modal: ______ have used
infinitive: to use
gerund: using
passive: yes
"Use" can also serve as a noun:

A computer has many uses.

The use of a computer makes work easier and faster.


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