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P5 Take

Purple Level

Lesson Five


take / took / taken / taking

The verb "take" is usually similar to "get," but it also has many odd forms that are surprising to beginning students.


1. He likes to wear a hat whenever he takes a bath.

He’s taking a bath.

2. It takes a long time for this elevator to arrive.

They’re going to take it to the sixth floor.

3. She’s taking a leave of absence from work to take care of her baby.

(leave of absence: permission to leave one’s job and then return in the future.)

4. A fun bike ride through the streets of Minneapolis takes place on the last Friday of every month.
5. It took a lot of patience to grow strawberries, but it was worth the effort.
6. Taking pictures with an old camera like this one is fun.

7. Take it easy.  (This is one way of saying goodbye to someone.)

A: See you later.

B: Okay, take it easy.


present tense: take / takes
past tense: took
future: will take
present continuous: am / are / is taking
past continuous: was / were taking
future continuous: will be taking
present perfect: has / have taken
past perfect: had taken
future perfect: will have taken
present perfect continuous: has / have been taking
past perfect continuous: had been taking
future perfect continuous: will have been taking
modal verbs: ______ take
past tense modal: ______ have taken
infinitive: to take
gerund: taking
passive: yes
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