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Purple Level Quiz 11 Look

Purple Level Quiz #11: look  

Directions: Put the verb “look” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He ___________ tired. (present tense)

2. When _____________ you ____________ for a new job? (future tense)

3. It _____________________________________ good if you keep coming to work late. (“going to future tense, negative)

4. They ______________________________ at buying a house soon. (present continuous tense)

5. How many cars _________________ you ___________________at today? (present perfect tense)

6. Those shoes _______________________________ good on you. (present tense, negative)

7. You __________________________________ in the refrigerator if you’re hungry. (modal verb: should)

8. That girl over there ___________________________________ at you. Go talk to her. (present perfect continuous tense)

9. I ____________________ for my shoes this morning, but I couldn’t find them. (past tense)

10. Sasha ___________________________ well this morning, so the school nurse sent her home. (past tense, negative)

11. ______________ your car _______________________ at by a mechanic? (past tense, passive voice)

12. It ______________________________ like you’re going to get a good grade in this class. (present tense, negative)

13. If the childen want _______________________ for a new dog, they can find one at the animal shelter. (infinitive)

14. __________________________ directly at the sun is bad for your eyes. (gerund)

15. Ali ___________________________ at several colleges before he found one that he liked. (past perfect tense)

16. ___________________ out! There’s a car coming. (imperative form)

17. The little girl ________________________ when she crossed the street, and a car hit her. (past continuous tense, negative)

18. We _______________________________ through the window because it was so dirty. (modal verb: could, negative)

19. How ______________ the weather ________________ for today? (present tense)

20. She ________________________________ her age. (present tense, negative)


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