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Purple Level Quiz 13 ANSWERS

Purple Level Quiz #13: know   

Directions: Put the verb “know” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He knows a lot of people in his class. (present tense)

2. She didn’t know about today’s test. (past tense — negative)

3. How long have you known about this problem? (present perfect tense)

4. When will I know the results of the blood test? (future tense)

5. They don’t know their neighbors very well. (present tense — negative)

6. Farhiyo knew the teacher was going to call on her, so she was ready with an answer. (past tense)

7. All the facts related to the accident aren’t known yet. (present tense, passive voice — negative)

8. How much does he know about fixing a leaky faucet? (present tense)

9. She wants to know how much the furniture is going to cost. (infinitive)

10. Knowing how to play the piano gives Mindy a tremendous amount of self-confidence. (gerund)

11. I’m not very familiar with Iceland. What is it known for? (present tense, passive voice)

12. If I had known how long it would take to get there by car, I would have flown instead. (past perfect tense)

13. Didn’t you know that the meeting was cancelled? (past tense — negative)

14. The salesperson over there might know which cell phone is better. (might)

15. My wife and I should know if we’re going to have a boy or a girl after we visit the doctor today. (should)

16. Brian should have known the answers to the questions on the test, but he didn’t. (should — past)

17. When are we going to know the verdict in the trial? (“going to” future tense)

18. Mr. Torkelson has been known to have a bad temper. (present perfect tense, passive voice)

19. You don’t have to know English to work in a restaurant. (have to, present tense — negative)

20. Our neighbor, Jim, doesn’t know how to keep the rabbits out of his garden. (present tense — negative)


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