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Purple Level Quiz 13 Know

Purple Level Quiz #13: know  


Directions: Put the verb “know” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He ___________ a lot of people in his class. (present tense)

2. She __________ ___________ about today’s test. (past tense — negative)

3. How long __________ you ___________ about this problem? (present perfect tense)

4. When __________ I ___________ the results of the blood test? (future tense)

5. They __________ ____________ their neighbors very well. (present tense — negative)

6. Farhiyo _____________ the teacher was going to call on her, so she was ready with an answer. (past tense)

7. All the facts related to the accident ___________ ___________ yet. (present tense, passive voice — negative)

8. How much __________ he ____________ about fixing a leaky faucet? (present tense)

9. She wants _________________ how much the furniture is going to cost. (infinitive)

10. _________________ how to play the piano gives Mindy a tremendous amount of self-confidence. (gerund)

11. I’m not very familiar with Iceland. What __________ it ____________ for? (present tense, passive voice)

12. If I __________ ___________ how long it would take to get there by car, I would have flown instead. (past perfect tense)

13. __________ you ____________ that the meeting was cancelled? (past tense — negative)

14. The salesperson over there __________ __________ which cell phone is better. (might)

15. My wife and I ___________ ____________ if we’re going to have a boy or a girl after we visit the doctor today. (should)

16. Brian __________ __________ __________ the answers to the questions on the test, but he didn’t. (should — past)

17. When _________ we ___________ __________ ____________ the verdict in the trial? (“going to” future tense)

18. Mr. Torkelson ___________ ___________ ___________ to have a bad temper. (present perfect tense, passive voice)

19. You _________ __________ _________ ___________ English to work in a restaurant. (have to, present tense — negative)

20. Our neighbor, Jim, ____________ _____________ how to keep the rabbits out of his garden. (present tense — negative)


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