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Purple Level Quiz 19 ANSWERS

Purple Level Quiz #19: keep (ANSWERS)  

Directions: Put the verb “keep” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. They keep all of their money in the bank. (present tense)

2. Where do you keep your money? (present tense)

3. Joe kept talking when the teacher told him to stop, so he got in trouble. (past tense)

4. Why does Elena keep her bread in the refrigerator? (present tense)

5. The noise next door is keeping me awake. (present continuous tense)

6. Drinking all that coffee will probably keep him awake. (future tense)

7. We don’t keep food in our tents when we go camping because of the bears. (present tense — negative)

8. How long do you keep your tax reports? (present tense)

9. Keeping warm in the winter is easier if you wear a sweater. (gerund)

10. An extra set of keys to her house is kept inside that drawer. (present tense, passive voice)

11. She didn’t keep any of the letters that he sent to her. (past tense — negative)

12. How long has he kept his motorcycle in his garage? (present perfect tense)

13. Why haven’t they kept in contact with each other? (present perfect tense — negative)

14. He says he is going to keep calling them until they answer the phone. (“going to” future tense)

15. I wasn’t able to keep my snake in my dorm room. (be able to — past)

16. Mark keeps a gun under his mattress. (present tense)

17. The company needs to keep track of its spending. (infinitive)

18. Her diamond necklaces are kept under lock and key. (present tense, passive voice)

19. The milk wasn’t kept cold enough, so they threw it out. (past tense, passive voice — negative)

20. Don’t move! Keep your hands where I can see them! (imperative form)


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