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Purple Level Quiz 20 Cut

Purple Level Quiz #20:  cut  


Directions: Put the verb “cut” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. My neighbor ___________ his grass with an electric mower. (present tense)

2. She ___________ her hand while she was cooking. (past tense)

3. I usually __________ coupons from the newspaper to save money. (present tense)

4. He ________ _____________ red meat out of his diet. (present continuous tense)

5. The scissors __________ ____________ properly, so I threw them out. (past continuous tense — negative)

6. _________ the team ___________ him from the roster? (past tense)

7. __________ up some carrots and potatoes for the soup. (imperative form)

8. That knife is sharp. ________ ____________ yourself. (imperative form — negative)

9. What _________ they ___________ out of their budget for next year? (future tense)

10. If Jeff ___________ ____________ that tree branch soon, it will probably fall down on his house. (present tense — negative)

11. His hair __________ __________ very well. It looks uneven. (past tense, passive voice — negative)

12. _____________ through all that government bureaucracy isn’t an easy task. (gerund)

13. They decided _________ ________ their loses and get out of the stock market completely. (infinitive)

14. Fifty employees __________ ___________ from the payroll in order to save money. (past tense, passive voice.

15. Despite several weeks of negotiations, the two companies __________ __________ a deal. (could — negative)

16. Tanya ________ ________ _________ the meeting short so that she could get to the airport on time. (have to, past tense)

17. The power company _______ _________ ________ ________ off their electricity if they don’t pay their bill. (“going to” future tense)

18. ________ the wedding cake _________ __________ yet? (present perfect tense, passive voice)

19. Barbara _________ never __________ anyone’s hair before she tried to give her son a haircut. (past perfect tense)

20. The lumber __________ ___________ __________ right now. (present continuous tense, passive voice)


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