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Purple Level Quiz 27 Let

Purple Level Quiz #27:  let   write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “let” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. She _________ ___________ her hair grow long. (present continuous tense)

2. He __________ __________ his children walk to the store by themselves. (present tense — negative)

3. The police __________ __________ residents back into the area after it’s safe. (future tense)

4. ___________ me help you. (imperative)

5. __________ __________ them eat all that candy. (imperative — negative)

6. You need __________ __________ the cake cool off before eating it. (infinitive)

7. Who __________ the dog out? (past tense)

8. The teacher __________ his students chew gum in the classroom. (present tense)

9. The people who captured the wild rabbits _________ __________ _________ them go. (have to, past tense)

10. __________ they __________ us go early? (present continuous tense)

11. Why __________ security officials __________ the man get onto the plane? (past tense — negative)

12. Over a hundred criminals __________ __________ out of prison early due to overcrowding. (past tense, passive voice)

13. We __________ __________ the kids decide where to go for vacation this year. (should)

14. Who __________ their children stay out past midnight?! (present tense)

15. That man __________ __________ his beard grow very long. (present perfect tense)

16. Everyone __________ ___________ back into the building after the fire drill had ended. (past tense, passive voice)

17. ____________ the dog eat all that pizza is not a good idea. (gerund)

18. ___________’s go fishing this weekend. (imperative)

19.This website __________ __________ me enter my information. (will — negative)

20. How much money __________ the bank __________ you borrow?


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