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Purple Level Quiz 8

Purple Level Quiz #8: use  

Directions: Put the verb “use” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. Rhonda __________ a car to get to work. (present tense)

2. Last week she __________ the bus to get to work. (past tense)

3. Next week, she ________ probably __________ the subway. (future tense)

4. What kind of battery __________ the flashlight ___________? (present tense)

5. __________ you ever ___________ this kind of shampoo? (present perfect tense)

6. My friend, Bill, _____________________ the same cell phone company for years before he switched to a different carrier. (past perfect tense)

7. They’re going to keep their family safe by ________________ “green” cleaning supplies. (gerund)

8. Kevin didn’t remember ______________ his turn signal, so a police officer pulled him over. (infinitive)

9. The teacher ___________________ a new book to teach the class. (present continuous tense)

10. They __________________ their air conditioning if the windows are closed in this heat. (continuous modal verb: must be)

11. Ganika _________________ a lot of oil to make the samosas. (past tense)

12. __________ you ____________________ the bathroom? (idiomatic modal verb: have to)

13. The police _____________________ a dog to sniff for bombs. (present continuous tense)

14. __________ the manager ___________ Spanish or English when he talks to his employees? (present tense)

15. I ____________________ the same accountant for the last twenty years. (present perfect tense)

16. Do you know how _________________ a computer? (infinitive)

17. She _____________________ so much salt in her cooking. (modal verb: should, negative)

18. We ____________________ a little help over here. (modal verb: can)

19. Simon ____________________ his head when he made that bad decision. (past continuous tense, negative)

20. Amish people ____________________ any electricity in their homes. (present tense, negative)


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