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Purple Level Review ANSWERS

Purple Level Review

Write your answers by hand   

Use a Purple Level verb to complete each of these sentences and questions. They are all in the present tense. Some sentences are negative.

 1. He has a cup of coffee every morning.

 2. He doesn’t have any coffee in the afternoon. (negative)

 3. Do you have coffee in the morning?

 4. Do you know the answer to the question?

 5. We keep our dog in the backyard. She lives in a doghouse.

 6. We don’t keep her inside the house because she’s too big. (negative)

 7. He takes the bus to work every day—even in the winter.

 8. Do you take the bus?

 9. She tells her employees what to do.

 10. Her employees don’t tell her what to do.  or …..

Her employees never tell her what to do.

 11. He cuts himself whenever he cooks.

 12. I rarely cut myself.

 13. He doesn’t run very fast because he’s elderly.

 14. She gets her groceries on Saturdays.

 15. When do you get your groceries?

(A man knocks on the door and someone inside says…)  

16. Come in.

 17. He’s lost. He needs some help.
 18. I want a new car, but it isn’t necessary.

 19. Put the chicken in the refrigerator.

 20. Don’t put it in the freezer. I need to use it soon. (negative)

 21. How often do you see a doctor?

 22. She uses a computer at work.

 23. They go camping when it’s warm outside.

 24. They don’t go camping when it’s cold. (negative)

 25. He looks in the newspaper for information about the stock market every morning.

 26. She does her laundry on Saturday.

 27. She doesn’t do it during the week because she goes to work.

 28. He gives his coworkers a ride to work every morning.
 29. He makes a lot of money at his job.
 30. The sign says the subway is over here.
31. This man plays the guitar in the subway to make extra money.

32. She seems upset.

 33. He is too heavy.

 34. He isn’t happy about his weight. (negative)

35. I send a lot of email to my students.
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