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10 Alice Was Taken To The Hopital

10. Alice was taken to the hospital last weekend.



bacon: fried, fatty meat from a pig

cut back on: reduce; do less

diet: a plan for eating; food choices

dizzy: the head feels like it’s spinning

mild: not strong

overall: general

poor: not adequate

sharp pain: a deep and quick pain that indicates a serious problem

Alice was taken to the hospital last weekend. She had recently been complaining of chest pains, and then suddenly on Saturday night she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder. She also felt a little dizzy, so she called the hospital and they immediately sent over an ambulance to pick her up.

When she arrived at the hospital, she entered through the emergency entrance. She was taken to the coronary care unit. She was examined by a doctor and several tests were conducted. It was determined that she did, indeed, have a mild heart attack. Nurses and doctors monitored her condition over a 24-hour period. She appeared to be okay, but she’s only 57 and there are several things that she’s going to have to do to take care of herself.

First, she was told that she would have to cut back on eating red meat. Alice loves bacon, sausage, and especially hamburgers. In fact, she eats hamburgers almost every day because they’re cheap and delicious. But all of that red meat is contributing to her poor health.  A nutritionist told her to consider eating other forms of meat such as chicken or fish. She also needs to eat more fruit and vegetables. Because Alice is fifty pounds overweight, losing some or all of that weight through a proper diet should improve her overall health.

Second, Alice was advised to start exercising more. She rarely exercises at all. At the very least, she should get 30 to 40 minutes of light exercise every day. Walking, biking, or swimming are good ways for a person in her condtion to get the recommended amount of daily exercise.

Alice is now back at home and resting for a few days before she returns to work. She’s being monitored by health care professionals, and she’s on special medication to help reduce her blood pressure and her cholesterol levels. But the most important thing she can do is learn how to take care of herself.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraphs above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.

Check your comprehension. Choose True or False for each statement. Answers are below.

1. Why was Alice taken to the hospital?

2. In which section of the hosptal did she enter?

3. What does she love to eat?

4. How many pounds is she overweight?

5. What does she need to start doing every day?

(Answers: 1. She had a heart attack; 2. She entered through the emergency entrance; 3. She loves to eat red meat: bacon, sausages, and hamburgers; 4. She’s 50 pounds overweight; 5. She needs to start exercising every day.

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