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17 Picking Apples

17. Toby is at the apple orchard with his kids.

a man and his daughters

Toby has two children, Charlotte and Aaliyah.

Charlotte has an apple.


admission: the money paid to enter

country: rural areas outside of a city or the suburbs.

corn maze: a large maze cut into a cornfield. People get lost in a maze and then try to find their way out of it.

hay ride: a tractor pulls a large trailer full of people. Everyone sits on large bales of hay.

orchard: a farm for fruit trees.


Toby is at the apple orchard with his kids. He has two daughters. Charlotte is nine, and Aaliyah is three. It’s a beautiful Sunday in October, so they decided to drive out to the country and pick some apples at an orchard.

It costs $5.00 per person to get in, and it’s $10 to fill a large bag of apples. It’s a lot cheaper to buy apples at a store, but children love the experience of coming here. Toby figures it’s worth the expense.

In addition to picking apples, there are games, hay rides, and a corn maze. All of these activities are included with the price of admission. Toby and his kids pick enough apples to fill two bags. The cost will be $20. Some of the apples are for making apple pie, but most of the apples are to be eaten raw.

Toby enjoys spending time with his children. They’re only little once. That’s why he wants to be with them as often as possible. He also wants his kids to be healthy. Apples are a good source of nutrition, and you know what they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraph above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice.


How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.  

  • 1A: How much does it cost for each person to enter the apple orchard?
  • 1B: It costs ________.
  • 2A: How much does it cost to pick a bag of apples?
  • 2B: It ________ $10.
  • 3A: How many bags of apples did they get?
  • 3B: They got ________ bags of apples.
  • 4A: What will they do with the apples?
  • 4B: They’ll eat them raw and they’ll make apple _______.

(1. $5;  2. costs;  3. two;  4. pie)

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