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26 Isabella And Brandon Went To The Beach

26. Isabella and Brandon went to the beach.

kids at the beach

 Isabella and Brandon

They filled their buckets with water.

Isabella got a popsicle.


bucket: a round container for carrying things

get: to purchase or obtain

get to / got to: arrive at

or so: or more

popsicle: frozen, flavored ice

pour: to transfer material, usually liquid, from one place to another

sandcastle: a temporary creation of sand and water.

so that: in order to; in an effort to

sunblock: lotion that protects skin from overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation


Isabella and Brandon went to the beach. They had a very good time, swimming and running on the sand, playing games with other children, and looking for rocks and shells in the water.

Isabella and Brandon live in the same apartment building. Their mothers are good friends. They decided it would be fun to go to the beach, so they all went together to a nearby lake.

When they got to the beach, Isabella’s mother spread blankets on the sand. Brandon’s mother set up an umbrella. They brought a cooler containing food and beverages. They also brought a radio so that they could listen to some music. The two women talked with each other as they watched their children play in the water. After an hour or so, they ate lunch. Then, the kids got popsicles from an ice cream truck parked in the parking lot.

After they ate, Isabella and Brandon built a sandcastle. They filled their buckets with water and brought the water to an area where they were playing. They poured the water onto the sand so that the sand would hold together. The sandcastle got bigger and bigger. Other children came along and helped them build the castle. They had so much fun!

Brandon has to be careful about spending too much time in the sun because his skin burns very easily. His mother put a lot of sunblock on his body and told him to take ten minute breaks under the umbrella. Isabella’s mother also put sunblock on her, but Isabella is used to being in the sun. When her family lived in Ecuador, she spent a lot of time outside. That’s why her skin is so dark.

They left the beach in the afternoon. Everyone was sad to leave because they were having so much fun, but all good things have to come to an end sometime.

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