12. Laura got a bike for her birthday.




girl on bike

This is Laura’s new bike.

girl on bike

Laura should be wearing a helmet.


aunt: your mother or father’s sister

crash: to get into an accident

move on: to start something new

pedal: to make a bike move by using one’s feet

reverse: to go backwards; the opposite of forwards

seat: the thing a person sits on


Laura got a bike for her birthday. She turned six last weekend, so her parents bought her a two-wheeler with training wheels. Laura is very excited about moving on from a tricycle to something that’s bigger.

Today, Laura’s Aunt Christine is babysitting Laura while her parents are at work. She’s been practicing riding her bike, and her aunt has been helping her. Laura needs a little help getting on the seat, but once she’s on, she’s ready to go. The training wheels keep her from falling over.

Laura has learned how to stop the bike. Because it has coaster brakes, she makes the bike stop by reversing the direction of her pedaling. This took a little getting used to. The first time she got on the bike, she crashed because she didn’t know how to stop. Now she’s very good at stopping.

When Laura crashed, she wasn’t wearing a helmet. She should have worn a helmet to protect her head, but she didn’t want to put one on. Her aunt should have been paying more attention, but she was talking on her cell phone at the time. It’s important to keep your eyes on children when they first learn how to ride a bike.

Laura’s Aunt Christine is going to take Laura to the park today. The two of them will both ride their bikes. Laura is happy about going to the park, and she loves being with her aunt.

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