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17 Kevin Wants To Become A Basketball Player

17. Kevin wants to become a basketball player.




basketball player

Kevin loves basketball.


become: to develop over time

grades: marks from teachers on a school report

to go pro: to become a professional

gym: a shortened form of the word "gymnasium"

indicate: to show interest or intent

prefer: to like something more than another choice

proud: a good feeling for oneself or others; a feeling of worth or value

the right stuff: a large amount of skill and/or intellect

upcoming: future


Kevin wants to become a basketball player. Ever since he was a little boy, he has wanted to play basketball for a professional basketball team. He thinks he has the right stuff to go pro.

Kevin practices every day. After school is over for the day, he goes to the gym for basketball practice. He’s regarded as the best player on his high school basketball team, the Cyclones. Everyone thinks he’s a great player.

Kevin’s parents are very proud of him; however, they would like him to become something other than a basketball player. He gets good grades in school, so his mother and father would prefer that he become a doctor or a lawyer–not a basketball player.

Next year Kevin will apply to college. Several colleges have contacted him to indicate that they are interested in having him play on their college teams. Kevin has some big decisions to make in the upcoming year.

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