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3bRL Exercise


Directions: Write the question and the answer to each question in your notebook.  

These are all in the present tense.  

Example: What do you use to fix things?

     I use a wrench.


   What kind of a wrench is this?

 It’s an adjustable wrench.

adjustable wrench

in your notebok

What kind of fruit are they?

1. ______________________________________.

What color are they?

2. ____________________________________.

red apples

What do you like to eat? (I’m asking you. You’re answer is…)

3. ______________________________________.

What kind of bread is this?


fresh bread

What do they like to learn?



What kind of students are they?


English students

What do I like to drink? (You’re asking me. My answer is…)


What kind of milk do I drink? (You’re asking me. My answer is…)


2% milk

Where do you sit when you eat? (I’m asking you. You’re answer is…)


What kind of a table is this?

10. ____________________________________.

kitchen table

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  1. They’re apples.
  2. They’re red.
  3. I like to eat bread.
  4. It’s fresh bread.
  5. They like to learn English.
  6. They’re English students.
  7. I like to drink milk.
  8. I like 2% milk.
  9. I sit at a table.
  10. It’s a kitchen table.

*Thanks to Carmen for helping me fix a few errors on this exercise!

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