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Choose It Or There


Choose It or There

The words "it" and "there" are often confused by students. In this exercise, choose one of these words to complete each sentence or question.

1. What is ___________ to eat?

2. _________ is a good TV show on tonight.

3. _________ is very cold in the winter.

4. _________ is a cold can of pop in the fridge.

5. Is _________ anything you want me to get from the store?

6. How much milk is ___________?

7. How much is __________ to fly from Chicago to New York?

8. _________ is difficult to understand.

9. _________ is very late.

10. _________ is a late afternoon class that you can take.

11. _________ isn’t a good idea.

12. Is _________ hot outside?

13. Is _________ a place where we can stay overnight?

14. Why is _________ some water on the floor?

15. Why is _________ so hard to find good help these days?

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  1. there
  2. There
  3. It
  4. There
  5. there
  6. there
  7. it
  8. It
  9. It
  10. There
  11. it
  12. it
  13. there
  14. there
  15. it

If you are a teacher or a tutor and want to use this exercise with your students, you are welcome to print this out.

The PDF file is here.