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Possessive Pronouns


Possessive Pronouns

Directions: Write the correct possessive pronouns for each sentence or question. You can figure out which pronoun to use by looking carefully at the words around it.

Example: I have my cell phone and you have __________. (Answer: yours)

1. You have your homework, but he doesn’t have __________.

2. Bob likes his teacher, but Sandra doesn’t like __________.

3. I‘m not sure if this is __________ or not.

4. We don’t remember if this is __________.

5. They‘re pretty sure that’s __________.

6. You should check to see if it’s __________.

7. They paid full price, but we bought __________ on sale.

8. My son likes my car, so he drives __________ instead of __________.

9. Sue prefers her husband’s tennis racket, so she uses __________ instead of __________.

10. You and I have jackets that look exactly alike. I can’t tell __________ from __________.

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  1. his
  2. hers
  3. mine
  4. ours
  5. theirs
  6. yours
  7. ours
  8. mine…his
  9. his….hers
  10. yours….mine (or) mine….yours

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