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R11 Future Tense Will

Lesson Eleven

The Future Tense – Will ____

I will ____
We will ____
You will ____
You will ____
He will ____
She will ____
They will ____
It will ____

contractions + main verb:

I’ll ____
We’ll ____
You’ll ____
You’ll ____
He’ll ____
She’ll ____
They’ll ____
It’ll ____


I’ll go to class tomorrow and teach English.

(I’ll go = I will go)

You’ll go to class tomorrow and learn English.
He’ll go to a movie in the afternoon, and he’ll eat a lot of popcorn.
 She’ll come to class.

It will probably snow this week.

It’ll probably snow this week.

 We’ll both be in school tomorrow.

You’ll be there, too!
 They’ll play in the snow after school is over.

Watch this video:


Another way to make the future tense is by using “(be) going to.”

I will see my friends on the weekend.

I am going to see my friends on the weekend.

The meaning is the same in both sentences, but the “going to” future is often preferred because it sounds a little more relaxed and conversational.

Practice the “going to” future in the next lesson.

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