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R16 Expressions Of Time

Lesson Sixteen

Expressions of Time

last week
this week
next week
an hour ago
in an hour
as we speak
a little while ago
at this moment
in the near future
a long time ago
these days
way off in the future
in the past
this morning
at this time
later this evening


Time expressions usually go at the end

or at the beginning of a sentence:

Yesterday I went to school.

I went to school yesterday.

This week I’m going to New York.

I’m going to New York this week.


Other popular time expressions:

In the morning

 When I wake up in the morning, I like to drink coffee.

 What do you drink in the morning?

during the day

 During the day, they go to school .

 What do you do during the day?

at night

 The stars and the moon come out at night.

Most people sleep at night, but cats usually stay out late.

in the afternoon

 In the afternoon, I come home from school and do my homework.

Using time expressions with the correct verb tense will improve your English:

Last week I went to the movies. (past tense. )

This week I’m working early in the morning. (present continuous tense to describe the entire week)

Next week I’m going to take a trip to California. (the “going to” future)

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