Lesson Twenty-one, Part II

Talking about Money


coins:  a penny / a nickel / a dime / a quarter

These are coins.

Some people call coins “change.”

1. This is a penny.

A penny is worth one cent.

A picture of Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.

a penny

2. This is a nickel.

A nickel is worth five cents.

A picture of Thomas Jefferson is on the nickel.

a nickel

3. This is a dime.

A dime is worth ten cents.

A picture of Franklin Roosevelt is on the dime.

a dime

4. This is a quarter.

A quarter is worth twenty-five cents.

A picture of George Washington is on the quarter.

a quarter

5. This is a half dollar.

A half dollar is worth fifty cents.

A picture of John F. Kennedy is on the half dollar.

half dollar

6. This is a dollar coin.

This is worth one dollar.

A picture of Sacajawea is on the dollar coin.

Who was Sacajawea?

dollar coin


paper money

These are bills.

1. This is a one-dollar bill.

It’s worth one dollar.

It’s a buck. / It’s a one. /

It’s a single.

George Washington is on the one-dollar bill.

a dollar

2. This is a five-dollar bill.

It’s worth five dollars.

It’s five bucks. / It’s a five.

Abraham Lincoln is on the five-dollar bill.

a five

3. This is a ten-dollar bill.

It’s worth ten dollars.

It’s ten bucks. / It’s a ten.

Alexander Hamilton is on the ten-dollar bill.

a ten

4. This is a twenty-dollar bill.

It’s worth twenty dollars.

It’s twenty bucks. / It’s a twenty.

Andrew Jackson is on the twenty-dollar bill.

a twenty-dollar bill

5. This is a fifty-dollar bill.

It’s worth fifty dollars

It’s fifty bucks. / It’s a fifty.

Ulysses Grant is on the fifty-dollar bill.

a fifty

6. This is a hundred-dollar bill.

It’s worth one-hundred dollars.

It’s a hundred dollars. / It’s a hundred.

Benjamin Franklin is on the hundred-dollar bill.

a hundred dollar bill

This video will help you talk about adding up a purchase and asking about the total amount.

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