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Red Level Quiz 6 Object Pronouns

Red Level Quiz #6 – Object Pronouns

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct object pronoun. The words in parentheses will help you choose the correct word. (20 points)

1. I see ___________ every day. (a man)

2. Please give __________ the information. (a woman)

3. He calls ____________ on the weekends. (his parents)

4. Throw ________ to me. (a ball)

5. She kissed _________. ( I )

6. I’m in love with ____________. (a woman)

7. We told __________ not to go to that restaurant. (two people)

8. The boss hired _________ last year. (you)

9. The teacher asked ___________ to clean the desks. (a boy)

10. Do you know how to work __________? (a machine)

11. He really likes ___________. (his job)

12. My accountant called _________ yesterday. ( I )

13. The teacher helped ________ after school. (a girl and a boy)

14. Don’t eat ___________! (some rotten grapes)

15. I asked all of ____________ to finish this assignment. (you)

16. She gave __________ too much work to do. (you and I)

17. Do you understand _____________? (a male teacher)

18. Do you know ___________? (a woman)

19. We need to finish _________ next week. (an assignment)

20. Help _________! (you and I)

Part B.

Directions: Write the subject and object pronouns in the singular and plural forms. (10 points)



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