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Red Level Quiz 13 ANSWERS

Red Level Quiz #13 – Gerunds and Infinitives

Part A.

Directions: In each sentence, change the infinitive to a gerund.

example: It’s easy to get lost in here.

 Getting lost in here is easy.

1. It’s hard to learn English.

 Learning English is hard.

2. It’s necessary to do a good job.

 Doing a good job is necessary.

3. It will take a long time to drive to New York.

 Driving to New York will take a long time.

4. It wasn’t a good idea to eat all that ice cream.

 Eating all that ice cream wasn’t a good idea.

5. It feels wrong to take her money for so little work.

 Taking her money for so little work feels wrong.

6. It won’t hurt to work a few extra hours today.

 Working a few extra hours today won’t hurt.

7. It’s crucial to get this into the mail today.

 Getting this into the mail today is crucial.

8. It will be fun to see them.

 Seeing them will be fun.

9. It was painful to watch them lose the game.

 Watching them lose the game was painful.

10.  It didn’t take long to fly to Chicago.

  Flying to Chicago didn’t take long.

Part B.

Directions: In each sentence, change the gerund to an infinitive.

example: Riding a bike without a helmet is not safe.

 It’s not safe to ride a bike without a helmet.

1. Learning how to cook is easy.

 It’s easy to learn how to cook.

2. Working long hours is common in the United States.

 It’s common in the United States to work long hours.

3. Fishing in the summer is fun.

  It’s fun to fish in the summer.

4. Shopping for groceries without a list is a bad idea.

 It’s a bad idea to shop for groceries without a list.

5. Driving without a seat belt feels kind of strange to me.

 It feels kind of strange to me to drive without a seat belt.

6. Waking up early in the morning is good for you.

 It’s good for you to wake up early in the morning.

7. Saving money for the future is necessary.

 It’s necessary to save money for the future.

8. Helping someone learn another language takes time.

  It takes time to help someone learn another language.

9. Carrying too much weight hurts your body.

  It hurts your body to carry too much weight.

10.  Listening to music is fun.

  It’s fun to listen to music.


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