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Red Level Quiz 17 Be Used To

Red Level Quiz #17 – be used to

Part A.

Directions: Rewrite each sentence. Use “(be) used to” and a gerund for each sentence. (10 points)

Example: He didn’t know how to drive a car until last year.

 Now, he is used to driving a car.

1. She saw snow for the first time when she moved to Minnesota.

 Now, she _____________________________________ snow in the winter.

2. Thomas had never worked early in the morning until he began his new job.

  Now, he ______________________________________ in the morning.

3. The students didn’t speak English on their first day of class.

 Now, they ____________________________________ every day in class.

4. Jerry didn’t walk very much before he moved to Jamaica.

 Now, he _______________________________________ everywhere he goes.

5.  I didn’t take the bus very often before I moved to Chicago.

  Nowadays, I _____________________________________the bus all over the city.

6. Bill and Linda are parents. They started having kids ten years ago.

 They ________________________________________ parents.

7. Belinda rarely shopped after midnight before she got her new job.

 Now, she _____________________________ after midnight.

8. We do our own housework.

 We ____________________________ our cleaning ourselves.

Part A. (continued)

9. The police go to the house across the street all the time.

 The police ____________________________ there for all kinds of problems.

10. I read the newspaper online every day, but ten years ago I rarely did that.

 Now, I _________________________________ the paper online.

Part B. Rewrite each sentence with “be used to” in the negative form. Do not use a gerund.

Example: Maria doesn’t like this hot weather.

 She isn’t used to the heat.

1. Terry doesn’t like her new job.

 She ________________________ the schedule.

2. Sam hates driving to work because it takes so long to get there.

 He __________________________ a long drive every day.

3. I don’t want to go into the water just yet.

 I ___________________________ the cold temperature of the water.

4. The children seem kind of tired this afternoon.

  They _________________________ a long day of school after three months of summer vacation.

5. You don’t like to drive a car with a stick shift.

 You ___________________________ a manual transmission.


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