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Red Level Quiz 18 Conjunctions

Red Level Quiz #18 – conjunctions

Part A.

Directions: Choose among these conjunctions to fill in the blanks: and, but, or, so

Example: Tom likes peanut butter ______ jelly sandwiches.

 Tom likes peanut butter  and   jelly sandwiches.

1. You have a choice: You can have vanilla _______ chocolate ice cream.

2. We went to the beach, _______ we had to leave early because it started to rain.

3. It started to rain, ________ we left the beach.

4. Maria works during the week, ________ she works on Saturdays, too.

5. Joe likes football ________ not baseball.

6. The Nelson family grew quickly, ________ they bought a bigger house.

7. The teacher asked the students to be quiet, ________ they weren’t listening.

8. Blue ________ red make purple.

9. Which do you like, new furniture _________ old, antique furniture?

10. New York City is a great place to live, ________ an apartment there is very expensive.

Part B.

Directions: Choose among these conjunctions to fill in the blanks: nor, yet, for  (This part is for advanced level students.)

Example: Let me go now, ________ the day is breaking.

  Let me go now,  for  the day is breaking.

1. This tool is not easy to use ________ is it the best choice for this purpose.

2. The protestors refused to quit the demonstration, ________ they believed their cause was just.

3. Some stars in the sky seem so close, _________ they are really very far away.

4. This store-bought chicken is neither fresh ________ organic.

5. The medicine is strong ________ effective.

6. The United States should welcome new immigrants, ________ it is a country built on the backs of immigrant labor.

7. Todd took an early retirement, ________ he felt either ignored or ridiculed by his coworkers who made his job unbearable.

8. John and Jill have been married for over 50 years, ________ they still find the freshness of romance in their relationship.

9. The repairs on the car were not expected, ________ were they inexpensive.

10. A perfect solution to this problem is neither simple _________ necessary at this moment, so why should we have to deal with it now?

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