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Ex 1 Present Tense ANSWERS

Red Level

Writing Exercise #1: the present tense

Part A -Write questions and answers in the present tense:


* John (go) to work every day.

Question: Where does John go every day?

Answer: He goes to work.

1. * Mary (like) to read books.

Question: What does Mary like to read?

Answer: She likes to read books.

2. * Bill (have) a tomato.

Question: What does Bill have?

Answer: He has a tomato.

3. * Mary and Bill (like) pizza for dinner.

Question: What do Mary and Bill like for dinner?

Answer: They like pizza for dinner.

4. * My brother (live) in California.

Question: Where does your brother live?

Answer: He lives in California.

5. * The car (go) in the garage.

Question: Where does the car go?

Answer: It goes in the garage.


Part B – Write questions and answers in the present tense:


* I (go) to school every day.

Question: Where do you go every day?

Answer: I go to school.

1. * I (work) at a supermarket.

Question: Where do you work?

Answer: I work at a supermarket.

2. * I (like) eggs and toast for breakfast.

Question: What do you like for breakfast?

Answer: I like eggs and toast for breakfast.

3. * I usually (order) pizza.

Question: What do you usually order?

Answer: I usually order pizza.

4. * I (watch) English lessons on YouTube.

Question: What do you watch on YouTube?

Answer: I watch English lessons on YouTube.

5. * I (get) my mail in the afternoon.

Question: When do you get your mail?

Answer: I get it in the afternoon. / I get my mail in the afternoon.

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