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Can you answer these questions?


1. Q: Which highway is this?

A: It’s Highway 66.


A: It’s Route 66.

2. Q: How far away is Barstow?

A: It’s 112 miles away.


3. Q: What’s the difference in distance between Amboy and Barstow?

A: The difference is 79 miles.


B: Barstow is 79 miles away from Amboy.

4. Q: If you have problems with your car while driving on the highway, what can you do?

A: You can pull over to the shoulder of the road.


A: You can stop at a gas station.


A: You can try to hitch a ride to the nearest exit. (hitch a ride = stick out your thumb and hope that someone will stop to give you a ride)

5. Q: Have you ever driven on an American highway?

A: Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.

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