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Can you answer these questions?

Write your answer in complete sentences:    

1. Q: Where is this man?

A: He’s on a roof .


A: He’s on someone’s house.

2. Q: What is he doing?

A: He’s fixing the roof .


A: He’s repairing something.


A: He’s building something.

3. Q: How did he get up there?

A: He used a ladder .

4. Q: What could happen to him if he’s not careful?

A: He could fall off of the roof .

5. Q: What is a roof made of? (At the very least, you should know what those gray pieces are called that keep the rain from getting into the house.)

A: It’s made of shingles.


A: Shingles cover the roof.


A: A roof consists of a deck, underlayment, and shingles. (underlayment = tar paper, roof paper, roof felt, etc. There are many different materials used around the U.S.)

6. Q: Have you ever gone up on a roof?

A: Yes, I have. (or) No, I haven’t.

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