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water tap

Can you answer these questions?


1. Q: What is this?

A: It’s a spigot.

(This is also known as a tap, water tap, a valve, a shutoff, or a faucet.)

Listen to your teacher pronounce these words: spigot, faucet, valve, tap:


2. Q: What is it used for?

A: It’s used for turning on and turning off the flow of water.


3. Q: What happens if you turn it clockwise?

A: If you turn it clockwise (to the right), water comes out of it.

4. Q: What happens if you turn it counter-clockwise?

A: If you turn it counter-clockwise (to the left), the water shuts off.

5. Q: Who do you call if you need to have this installed or fixed?

A: You can call a plumber or a handyman. You can also try to do the work yourself!

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