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1. Q: What is this?  or  What are they?

A: It’s a pair of tongs.


A: They’re tongs.

2. Q: What are they used for?

A: They’re used for picking up food.


A: They’re used for grabbing something that’s hot.

3. Q: What might happen if you tried grabbing something hot without these tongs?

A: You might burn yourself.

4. Q: What are some other uses for tongs?

A: You can use tongs for taking salad out of a salad bowl.


A: You can use tongs for reaching into an area that’s too narrow for a hand.

5. Q: Why do tongs stay open all the time?

A: A spring keeps them open. The spring makes it easier to close the tongs on something that you want to pick up.

* Now listen to your teacher pronounce the word "tongs."

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