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Lesson One


“However” is a transition word that moves your ideas from one part of a sentence to another. It’s very similar to “but.” It’s used to show contrasts and differences. “However” is also referred to as a conjunctive adverb.


 Having a car can be very convenient; however, it’s expensive to buy a car and maintain it.
 Walter has a lot of work to do; however, he’s too tired to finish it.
 Jim is in love with Graciella; however, he’s not sure if she loves him.

 However hard she tried, she could not open the door to get the office supplies.

However = No matter how

No matter how hard she tried, she could not open the door.

Bill doesn’t mind working late; however, he’s a little scared of walking home by himself at this time of the night.

 Beekeeping is an important occupation; however, the beekeeper must keep himself covered at all times.

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