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V11 Even Though

Violet Level

Lesson Eleven

even though


"Even though" is similar to "although." It’s used to show contrasts and differences in things that are true.


 1. Even though the price of gas is starting to come down, many people are choosing to take the bus or the train instead.

 2. They’re very good friends even though there are many differences between them.

 3. Even though the city is a crowded place to live in, there are days when you feel very alone.

 4. I’m not going to go there even though it’s cheap.

 5. The queen decided to have him executed even though he made a great speech in his own defense.

 6. Even though her English is really good, Alice still feels a little nervous whenever she uses it on business trips.
 7. Even though most students think that these kinds of diagrams are boring, they’re necessary to study.

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