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V12 Otherwise

Violet Level

Lesson Twelve


"Otherwise" is used to offer an alternative situation. It’s very similar to "or " and "or else."


 1. Today is a holiday; otherwise, he would be at work.

man in hammok

 2. In ancient times, it was necessary for a man to learn how to defend himself; otherwise, he was easily killed by other men.

 3. Traffic is really bad right now; otherwise, she’d be at work already.

 4. Sometimes it’s a good idea to throw out food or beverages that are really old or smell bad. You might get sick otherwise.

5. It’s important for children to get a good early education; otherwise, they might have problems in school later on.

 6. She makes a good living from her artwork; otherwise, she would have to work on her family’s farm.
 7. Human beings have a responsibility to protect animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. We can not do otherwise.


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