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V13 On The Other Hand

Violet Level

Lesson Thirteen

on the other hand

"On the other hand" is used to show two sides of an issue. It’s similar to "conversely," but it doesn’t always describe an opposite situation.



 1. Living in a cold climate is difficult for some people; on the other hand, there are many fun winter activities, such as sledding, that you can’t do in a warm climate.

 2. I’d love to own a horse and go riding every day; on the other hand, taking care of the animal is a very big responsibility.

 3. On one hand, the development of new technology has made our lives easier; on the other hand, it has also resulted in the development of weapons that can kill large numbers of people.

 4. On one hand, owning a swimming pool is a great luxury; on the other hand, it reduces the amount of yard space available for growing fruit and vegetables.

 5. Life in the United States is easy compared to other parts of the world; on the other hand, the stress of daily American life makes one wonder how easy it really is.

 6. Nim could easily get a job as a nurse if she moved to the United States; on the other hand, she would miss her family in Thailand if she moved away.
 7. Working long hours is one way to succeed in business; on the other hand, if that means you have to sacrifice hours of sleep, that isn’t very healthy. So, is it worth it?

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