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V14 In Addition

Violet Level

Lesson Fourteen

in addition


"In addition" is similar to "and" and "also."


 1. Double-decker buses can move a lot of people through dense urban areas; in addition, they provide a good view from which to see a city.


 2. In addition to having to make more coffee, she’ll have to clean up the mess on the floor.

Notice the use of a gerund after "in addition to."

 3. In addition to meeting with clients, Alice and Diana like to go sightseeing when they take business trips.



 4. Flowers provide food for birds and other animals in addition to adding beauty to your yard.

 5. In addition to being kind of depressing, cemeteries can also be a little scary.

 6. In addition to providing safety in the event of a flood, houses on stilts prevent wild animals from entering the house.
 7. He works as an artist in addition to working as a magician.


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