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V20 As Long As

Lesson Twenty

as long as

"As long as " is used to describe a condition that must exist for something else to happen. It’s similar to "if."


 1. He’ll be able to stay in business as long as the quality of his work remains high.


 2. As long as he practices every day, he’ll know how to play some new songs on his guitar.

 3. She’ll be a successful radio announcer as long as she can attract and keep an audience.

 4. As long as he’s wearing his helmet while he rides his bike, he’ll feel much safer.

 5. He’ll continue to get good grades in school as long as he studies.

 6. As long as you know where to put your fingers when you type and practice, you’ll learn how to type very quickly.
 7. He can take a break in his hammock as long as he has time.


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