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V3 Consequently

Lesson Three


Consequently” is very similar to “so” and “therefore.” Like “therefore” it’s a conjunctive adverb (the term is not important!). It usually appears in the middle of sentence, but it may also be used at the beginning of sentence. If you know what the word “consequence” means, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this.


 Hector decided not to use a map; consequently, he got lost and never found his way out of the forest. There he died.
on road
Gas prices rose too high for Matt to afford; consequently, he sold his car and made his daily commute by bike.
 Astronomy has been an interest of human beings for centuries; consequently, our curiosity has led to a better understanding of our place in the solar system and human space exploration.
 Poachers have hunted and killed too many elephants for their tusks; consequently, they have become an endangered species in some parts of the world.

 An adequate water supply is important to a farmer’s success; consequently, irrigation is used in places where water is in short supply.

Hector was a very good student who studied constantly; consequently, he found a very good job after he graduated from college.
 The United States suffered terribly under a weakened economy and a lack of government oversight in 2008; consequently, the Democrats easily won in the November 2008 elections.

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