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V9 Such That

Lesson Nine

such… that

Such that” is similar to “so.” It expresses a quality that is large or small in amount. It’s used with adjectives that come before nouns.


1. That house is such a scary place that no one wants to go inside it.

haunted house

2. New York City is such a big place that it’s easy to get lost.

3. The Statue of Liberty is such a famous landmark that everyone knows where it is and what it represents.

4. They’re such big fans of the team that they never miss a game.

5. Bears are such powerful animals that they can kill you with one swing of an arm.

Note: It’s not always necessary to use “that” with such, but it often is.

  • The meetings became such a big waste of time that everyone stopped going to them.
  • The meetings become such a big waste of time, everyone stopped going to them.


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