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Violet Level Quiz 4

Violet Level Quiz #4 – because, because of, and due to


Part A. Directions: Complete each sentence by underlining either “because,” “because of,” or “due to.”  

Example: They bought the couch (because / because of) it was on sale.

1. Sarah wants to go to the salon today (because / because of) her hair needs a trim.

2. (Because / Because of) the change in the weather, we have decided not to go to the parade.

3. Diane missed her flight (due to / because) a traffic delay on her way to the airport.

4. (Due to / Because) my car was stolen, I will have to rent a car for the next few days.

5. The doctors said that the man’s death was (due to / because) heart failure.

6. The teacher thinks the students didn’t learn the lesson well enough (because / because of) they weren’t listening to her.

7. (Because / Because of) the lights don’t work, you’ll need a flashlight when you go down into the basement.

8. The company won’t hire him (due to / because) he tested positive for drugs.

9. The door doesn’t close properly (because / because of) it’s broken.

10. School was cancelled (due to / because) the weather.


Part B. Directions: Complete each sentence by choosing from the clauses, phrases, and words that are available to the right

1. We didn’t go to the beach because _______________________________.

2. The car crashed into the traffic light because of __________________________.

3. Due to _________________________, the store was forced to close.

4. They can’t have any more candy because ___________________________.

5. Jimmy can’t reach the ball because _________________________.

6. My car won’t start because of __________________________.

7. Due to ______________________, Cindy had trouble finding a job.

8. The forest fire started because of _________________________.

9. Because _________________________, they have decided to get married.

10. She’s frustrated because of _______________________ in the delivery of the package.


Click here for the answers.


a. it’s too high

b. the delay

c. it was too cold outside

d. a lightning strike on some dead trees

e. her lack of experience

f. the poor economy

g. the cold

h. bad brakes

i. they are in love

j. they’ve eaten too much of it

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