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Be Past Tense ANSWERS

the past tense: be (ANSWERS)


Question: Who was at the door?  

Answer: Our neighbor was at the door. 

1. Question: How was the movie?

 Answer: The movie was very good.

2. Question: What was his name?

 Answer: His name was Bob.

3. Question: How many students were there in class?

 Answer: There were 18 students in class.

4. Question: What time was the movie over?

 Answer: The movie was over at 7:30.

5. Question: How long was the class?

 Answer: The class was two hours long

6. Question: Where was the fire?

 Answer: The fire was on the fourth floor of the building.

7. Question: Why were you late?

 Answer: I was late because of traffic.

8. Question: Who were you with last night?

 Answer: I was with my friends last night

9. Question: How much was it?

 Answer: It was five dollars.

10. Question: When was she in New York?

 Answer: She was in New York in 2005.

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