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simple past past participle

The word "quit" means to stop doing something. It’s a verb that is often associated with one’s job:

  • Judy quit her job.
  • Bob quit because he couldn’t stand his boss.
  • You need to give at least two week’s notice if you quit your job.

It’s very common to hear the use of a gerund after the word "quit."

  • Quit doing that.
  • Please, quit saying that.
  • You should quit watching so much TV.
  • Are you going to quit eating meat and become a vegetarian?
  • Darrel is trying to quit smoking.
  • Savannah needs to quit drinking* so much.
  • Lisa said that she’s going to quit gossiping about other people.

*Note: The word "drinking" in this sentence is in reference to alcohol.

A person who quits is called "a quitter."

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December 29, 2011



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