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Use the word "crumble" when something is in bad condition, when it falls apart, or when something is about to fall down.

  • That building is crumbling. It needs a lot of repairs.
  • It’s an old, crumbling building.

The first sentence uses "crumble" as a verb. The second sentence uses "crumble" as an adjective. Here are some more examples:

  • Roads and bridges all over the United States are crumbling and need to be replaced.
  • That old house is beginning to crumble.
  • These cookies crumble very easily.

You can also use "crumble" when describing relationships:

  • Their relationship is beginning to crumble. I think they’re going to break up.
  • Bill and Sarah’s marriage is crumbling. They barely talk to each other.

old building

This old building is crumbling.

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(This page was originally published on November 8. 2011.)



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