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If a person gives you advice, hope and confidence, he or she "encourages" you. You feel better about your abilities and, perhaps, this encouragement helps your performance. It always feels good to hear someone say that you are doing a good job!

These sentences show you how "encourage" is used as a verb:

  • The teacher encouraged her students to study harder.
  • Roberto encourages his children to always do their best.
  • I encourage you to practice reading in English every day.


A coach encourages his players to do their best.

To form a noun, change the word "encourage" to "encouragement."

  • The coach offered his players words of encouragement during the game.
  • Children benefit from their parents’ encouragement.

The adjective form is "encouraging."

  • The latest report on the U.S. economy is encouraging.
  • Her encouraging words motivate her employees.
  • This is very encouraging news.
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(First published on November 26, 2011; updated on October 18, 2014.)



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