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"Rude" is an adjective that means not nice or impolite. We use this word for people who don’t consider how their behavior affects others (other people).

  • The saleswoman was rude to the customer, so the customer left the store without buying anything.
  • A student was being rude to the teacher, so the teacher told the student to leave the classroom.
  • It’s rude to interrupt a person who is talking.
  • A rude driver cut me off in traffic the other day, and then he gave me the finger!*
  • Why didn’t they call to say they would be late? That’s so rude!
  • The people who live above Bob play loud music past midnight every night. That’s rude.
  • Carla’s boss is rude to his employees.
  • Don’t be rude!


It’s rude to stick your tongue out at another person.

The word "rudely" is an adverb:

  • A student rudely interrupted the teacher.
  • My apology was rudely rejected by the person whose foot I stepped on.

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*give the finger: to raise one’s middle finger at another person as a gesture of anger or aggression.

First published on April 14, 2012. Updated on September 18, 2017.



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