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Something that moves on wheels or moves in a circular motion "rolls."

  • Abul kicked the soccer ball and it rolled into the net.
  • We were able to roll the furniture into the truck very easily because we used a cart.
  • The car rolled down the hill and crashed into a tree.
  • I rolled my wheelbarrow into the garden and filled it with dirt.
  • Dennis rolled the tire down the street.

Th word "roll" is found within many different idioms and expressions:

  • What time did you roll out of bed this morning?
  • Come on. Roll the dice.
  • Vick and Jan rolled into town late last night. (roll in = arrive)
  • A thunderstrom is going to roll through later tonight.
  • You’ve got to roll with the punches. (Learn to accept difficult situations.)
  • We have to roll things up. (We have to finish.)
  • You’re on a roll! (You have recently been successful.)
  • The company is going to roll out a new product next week. (roll out = bring out; introduce)
  • Do you listen to rock’n’roll music?
  • It’s easier to roll paint using a roller than it is to brush paint with a brush.

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This page was first published on February 13, 2012.



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