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(im me di ate ly)


When something is needed "immediately," it’s needed right now. This is a very common adverb that indicates a situation is important and needs quick attention:

  • They needed to get their mother to the hospital immediately because she was having chest pains.
  • You have to move these boxes immediately.
  • Pedro took his car to a mechanic immediately after noticing the engine light was on.
  • She must stop doing that immediately.
  • We need to leave immediately!

To make the adjective form for this word, drop the "ly" ending:

  • This needs your immediate attention.
  • They took immediate action to fix the problem.
  • Their need for housing is immediate. (Notice that the word "need" in this sentence is a noun.)


This work needs immediate attention.

He has to get this work finished immediately!

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This page was first published on January 23, 2012. It was updated on December 9, 2016.



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