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Use the word "magic" to describe something that is hard to believe, incredible, or beautiful.

 Magic is performed by a magician.


 The magician often uses a magic wand to perform tricks.

 A magician can make things appear and disappear. How does he do it? It’s magic.

We use the word "magic" for many different situations:

  • This cleaning solution works like magic. (It’s very good.)
  • The musician used some sort of magic to make his guitar produce such amazing sounds.
  • There’s no magic required in order to succeed. It just takes hard work.
  • The politician had a magical effect on the audience. (The word "magical" is an adjective.)
  • The full moon created a sense of magic for the young man and woman as they walked hand in hand along the river.
  • There is a magical quality to many of Rembrandt’s paintings.
  • Do you believe in magic? (This question is commonly asked when something good happens to a person: love, luck, fame, fortune, happiness, etc.)

You’ll enjoy this video if you like magic tricks.


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This page was first published on July 13, 2012. It was updated on March 11, 2016.



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