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To "gather" means to get, get together, collect, or form a group.

  • The girls gathered some flowers from the garden and made a bouquet.
  • We gathered some wild blueberries and ate them for lunch.
  • Some crows are gathering around a dead rabbit and eating it.
  • Let’s gather some guys together and play baseball.
  • You need to gather your things. We’re leaving now.
  • Large crowds have been gathering in cities across the country to protest against the government.
  • Gather together. I have something to tell all of you.

The noun form of this word is "gathering."

  • There’s a large gathering of people in the park today. They’re celebrating Earth Day.
  • A gathering of bicyclists forms every last Friday of the month for the Critical Mass rally.

girls dancing

Some people gathered around the girls and watched them as they danced.


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