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When you "add" something, you increase the total amount. You can use this verb when combining amounts (addition), or you can use "add" when putting things together.

  • If you add eight and seven together you get 15.
  • If you add five dollars to the money that’s on the table already, you’ll have twenty-five dollars.
  • Can you add large numbers together in your head, or do you need to do that on paper?
  • There are a few things I have to add to this shopping list.
  • Add up these numbers and what do you get?
  • We’d like to add our support to your organization.
  • Our neighbors added more space to their house when they built their addition.
  • Kevin has a lot knowledge and skills that he can add to our company if we hire him.
  • Do you have anything to add to what has already been said? (add = say more)
  • Carol added some comments about the website that she visited.

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Published on March 15, 2012.



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